One of the oldest, most original forklifts manufacturers in the world. 

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In many ways is considered a pioneering business in the application of electronic principles and technology to forklift trucks.  

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Manufacturer, importer, distributor and customiser of material handling machines complementary to forklift trucks.

Solutions for all sectors but above all aimed at those who need ergonomics, safety, improved production flows or special applications to be resolved.

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V. Mariotti Srl has been designing and manufacturing material handling equipment since 1920. Today it specialises in the production of the world’s smallest electric forklift trucks. It is a market leader in its sector and represents one of the best established names on the international market, operating in over 40 countries around the world.

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World leader in the production of innovative and technological industrial cranes that arise from the need for a new type of crane for handling materials that would find its place between the fork lift and mobile cranes.

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Development, sales and installation of high quality metal racks

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